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Perfect to get energized, to prepare for bed or to take a well-deserved time-out.

Appreciate, let go, restful sleep.

Evening Ritual

The liberating ritual for a restful sleep. Just as the day’s clothes are taken off, the evening ritual closes the day in an appreciative way. This reduces the flood of thoughts in the head, inner peace returns and the body relaxes more and more.  Over time, this ritual is a healthy companion and ensures more restful sleep.

Booost to immediately:
get in the mood for the night.
So that long term you:
get more restful sleep.

Reflect - gain.

Time out

This exercise is similar to the famous power nap. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health with more than 23,000 participants showed that this exercise even reduces the risk of heart attack in heart patients by 37 percent. The pit stop reduces fatiguing substances in the brain. Performance increases and people become instantly more alert and engaged.  

Booost to immediately:
make a pit stop.
So that long term you:
will increase your power.

The successful start to the day.

Morning Ritual

Getting up with your left foot – better not. It has an impact on how you start the day. With this Booost morning ritual you start the day with vigor and concentration. This way you create the best conditions for a successful day. 

Booost to immediately:
find new chances.
So that long term you:
find new luck.

Feeling anxious or stressed?


These Booosts tackle different ways to find relaxations for different moments.

From tension to relaxation.

Tension release

The conscious alternation of tension and relaxation leads to stress reduction. Progressive muscle relaxation uses this phenomenon. Rest is experienced more intensively and the body shuts down. In moments of great stress, a relaxed state of inner calm can be achieved, thus increasing the ability to act.

Booost to immediately:
find the way to deceleration.
So that long term you:
get more inner peace.

Get fresh energy.


It is no coincidence that the sounds of nature are part of many yoga exercises. Birdsong, a stream and the sound of the wind have an immediate positive effect on people. Use these sounds to give yourself time out in a peaceful place. You will notice how new life spirits awakes and you are supplied with fresh energy. 

Booost to immediately:
get more clarity in everyday life.
So that long term you:
get more inspiration in life.

Dealing with fear.

Handling fear

Fear is a natural companion in life which protects us from danger. Once you learn how to deal with it, you will use this advantage early on and act confidently. Now fear becomes a valuable companion and difficult situations will be better mastered. Inner peace, confidence and security will spread.

Booost to immediately:
feel the comfort.
So that long term you:
feel safety.

Feeling tired or down?

Recharge your batteries

Sometimes we are simply tired from busy life and sometimes we just need some love.

Time for regeneration.


First, let go of any tension or tensions to make room for new strength and energy. Then fill your body with everything that is important to you at the moment. Then use this strength and energy in your everyday life.

Booost to immediately:
So that long term you:
get more power.

Intimate and enriching


Many studies indicate that the feeling of love has multiple positive effects. I myself was involved in one of these studies. The release of love hormones favors neural learning, reduces stress, improves interaction, increases empathy.  

Booost to immediately:
be in love.
So that long term you:
get to know true love.

The path to inner strength.


Confident appearance, free thinking, sovereignty, quick-wittedness and some more belong to this category. Many people want these strengths to represent their opinions to the outside world and to be perceived accordingly. And it is doable – this exercise supports you in building more and more self-confidence.

Booost to immediately:
find the path to inner strength.
So that long term you:
find self-confidence.

Are you in tune with your emotions?

Dealing with emotions

Emotions can overwhelm us and cloud our judgments. Let’s become calm and see clearly again.

Be in harmony.


Even small things can throw us off balance in everyday life. These little things are quickly noticeable and take their toll: they throw us off balance, cause stress and discomfort. The person burns out. This exercise helps to get back into balance. 

Booost to immediately:
find balance.
So that long term you:
live in harmony.

Grasping the new.

Letting go

Every person has a certain amount of energy. Often this energy is stuck in self-destructive and negative thoughts. Consciously letting go of these negative thoughts creates space for something new. Fresh energy flows in and proven potentials can be used again. New paths open up.

Booost to immediately:
let go of the unwanted.
So that long term you:
find new perspectives.

Build up inner security.


To be able to protect yourself from external influences and to experience trust is one of the basic human needs. On a neuronal level, trust has a similar effect as love: stress is reduced and new, helpful neuronal connections are formed. In this exercise, you will learn to better protect yourself from the outside and build inner strength. 

Booost to immediately:
build up inner security.
So that long term you:
create confidence.

Looking for a fast way to meditate?


It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are dealing with. Mindfulness will empower everyone!

Continue refreshed.


Breathing frees, breathing clears, breathing fulfills. For a few seconds concentrate on your breath. As you do so, align yourself, breathe deeply in your rhythm, enriching your body with it. As you exhale, simply let go of “old”. After just a few breaths you will notice the beneficial change in your whole body. 

Booost to immediately:
be refreshed.
So that long term you:
find harmony.

Be grateful for what is.


An example of the effects of positive thoughts is provided by Dr. Wendy Schlessel Harpham (internist and cancer patient) who used positive thoughts to support her healing. This Booost exercise promotes positive thinking. Keeping your focus on the pleasant aspects of your life will lead to a more optimistic outlook on life. This prevents depression, has a beneficial effect on your immune system and fills up your energy store. 

Booost to immediately:
recognize the positive.
So that long term you:
get inner satisfaction.

Remove mental garbage.

Clear your mind

Do you know this: the mental merry-go-round is spinning and we are stuck inside. This robs us of energy and joie de vivre. Mindfulness, distance and a new focus end this cycle and give thoughts room for a new direction. 

Booost to immediately:
get rid of mental garbage.
So that long term you:
create space for innovation.

Set your sights on something new


Is it time to take your ambitions seriously? Let’s go grow.

Persevere on the way to your goal.

Setting goals

“The slowest man who does not lose sight of his goal still walks more swiftly than he who wanders without a goal.” as Gotthold Ephraim Lessing knew. This exercise helps you to set goals and to focus all your actions on these goals. 

Booost to immediately:
give direction to the day.
So that long term you:
live your life purposefully.

Change that works.


As Albert Einstein said: “Problems can never be solved with the same mindset. that created them.”  This Booost exercise supports you to become aware of some problems, peacefully discard them, and integrate a new, desired way of thinking.  This new way of thinking will have a lasting impact on your life. 

Booost to immediately:
change consciously.
So that long term you:
live your dream.

Do you care for the environment?

Go green

We’re working on a new set of Booosts that will help you to go green. Help the planet and avoid disaster! These Booosts will empower you on your journey to go and stay green. If there’s more climate change, it surely won’t be because of you!

(Coming soon)

how Booost began

A surprising discovery

This app was never intended to be built. We were researching new and easier ways for people to cope with their busy lives. It turned out, we struck gold! 

What makes our audio special? One magic ingredient turned out to be our uniquely created music to support the voice. Like how a movie is nothing without its music to set the mood.

That’s when it hit us: we need to bring this into everyone’s hands.